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Well, my activity level isn't entirely non-existent, I'm not in a coma. My day is generally a mix of sitting up (using the laptop, sewing when I'm up to it) and lying down (resting, watching TV, reading), with the odd bit of standing or walking around (probably an hour's worth overall, including getting my meals together). I did set up Fitday with reasonable estimations of how long I spend doing each of those. Do you reckon its calorie estimations for "light seated activity" are likely to be realistic for someone sitting at the laptop? It estimates 1.27 cal/min for that, and for "typing while sitting" it estimates 1.53 cal/min (honestly, these numbers are so odd I suspect they're converted from another format), so it seems like it shouldn't be too far out.

I'm trying to be careful about measuring foods. A lot of the time, I measure anyway as I can't do it by eye: 3 oz pasta per serving, 1/3 cup rice, 4 cutlery spoonfuls of oats for porridge. What has been most instructive has been finding out how different foods vary with regard to calorie content. Bagels have a surprising amount, for instance so I've stopped thinking of them as smallish snack material. You just inspired me to make sure that I knew exactly how many almonds I fished out for a snack just now - and I'm glad I did, they turn out to be surprisingly calorific. Though I still have a few calories left to make up for today, which is nice, it means we can curl up and munch grapes together later. (Er, the "we" there referred to my partner, I'm not randomly inviting you over to eat grapes!)

1/2 to 3/4 lb a week is slower than some people get, but I don't think that cutting 500 calories a day would be wise, especially if I am actually using more like 1370 than 1470. Any weight loss at all would be fantastic, frankly, especially if I can eventually get down to the weight I used to be. I'm now at the stage of dithering over whether to buy scales or wait a bit longer. I think I'm losing a bit of weight, a couple of key garments are fitting better, although it's always tricky with clothes since they shrink and stretch a bit with washing. But then I gather that weight loss doesn't behave typically in the first few weeks anyway? I'm fairly confident that I can keep up this level of calories providing that I don't suddenly get ravenously hungry (due to meds or whatever), and that even if the appetite suppressant effect wears off, I've got myself into enough of a good routine that I should be able to keep going. Do you know if it's possible to be eating a sensible amount less but still fail to lose weight at all, say due to meds or screwy metabolism or something?
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