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Smile Hi. First day here :)

Hello everyone, my name is Kyo and I am 19. I just found this website today and I am liking what I have seen.

Since October 2010 I have went from weighing around 140-150 pounds to 180 pounds, due to being laid off from my seasonal job working in road construction.
I have tried a couple times to get my weight back on track before I become diabetic. I have not officially been diagnosed, but it's genetic in my family for those who are over weight. Anyways, I will be returning to work any day within this month and it will be a lot easier to lose the weight because I won't be sitting on my butt all day. But even then, I really need to eat better. To put it simply, my goal is to weigh 130 before I am 21 (august 2012) and to eat better and be happy and healthy. Wish me luck
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