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I was so impressed when I read about your bike ride and that you have fibro. I figured you had really conditioned your body or had found some secret weapon LOL. Thanks for sharing what you do to keep so active.

I enjoy the water classes but they put so much chlorine in the pool (the only indoor pool nearby) that my eyes & nose were always burning and it would bleach out bathing suits in a week or so. It was scary how much they used so I gave it up after a few months. Or maybe it was just another excuse not to exercise I have lots of them that I try not to listen to.

I'm sorry to hear that Lyrica didn't help you, most of the ppl I know said the same thing or that they had a little relief from symptoms but that they also gained weight. Too bad they can't come up with something better for us but at least they're recognizing fibro now and trying to understand it.

Yes, sleep & rest are important for me, too. I've also found cutting down on, or eliminating, grains and refined sugar helps plus I take supplements and meditate (relaxes my muscles). Forcing myself to exercise helps and I just started working on trying to make it part of my daily routine. It sounds like you must have a lot of will-power or somehow stay very motivated to work out like you do. I'm impressed and it really motivates me to know that you do so much exercise.
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