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WOW I can so relate to you guys! Mother of 2 step mother to 1. I started gaining weight shortly after getting married and becoming a mixed family. I think the reason I have hung on to my weight for so long is becasue sometimes i felt like the only thing i could control was what i ate, and i ate my worries. But things have changed, I have changed,and it gets better. I finally decided i didn't want to look or feel bad anymore. I know that if i don't feel good about myself that I can't be a role model, per say, to all of my kids. I'm losing the weight for me, but in a way for them too. Granted have my bad days and some times i could do better but i think this is "a marathon" and that every little success is one more closer to me enjoying life again and feeling like i have done something good for myself, as well and my kids. All of my kids!
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