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Thanks for the welcome. In short, yeah, my knee is that bad. I *can* walk but literally getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom is at least mildly painful. *Sitting* is mildly painful. So I basically do a cost/benefit analysis for every activity - how much pleasure/utility am I going to get out of this activity vs. how much pain am I going to be in during it & for the rest of the day. Although I've recently started wearing a knee brace again and it does help me get through my day-to-day activities with a greatly reduced amount of pain.

And I do like to keep up with my upper body strength ... I have free weights that I use while watching TV... but recently sprained my wrist and am off weights now too. GAH!!!!

So calories it is. Honestly my biggest two biggest issues are portion sizes & sweetened beverages, with the overarching issue of emotional eating. Even if I've planned out healthy foods for the entire day - if something stressful happens I'll say f#@$ - it and go eat something. Not very productive I know I know!

I've tried to give up soda several times but haven't managed to stick to it completely. I used to drink 32oz of Dr. Pepper every single day. I've gotten a lot better, now I'll drink a 20oz soda a couple times a week. I'm doing better now that I'm recording my calories. I just hate seeing like 300-400 calories just GONE because I had a soda. So hopefully that will help. I've basically replaced my soda drinking with tea (with sugar), so it's still sweet but it's like 2 packets of sugar vs. 16 packets. Baby steps.
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