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That diet sounds extremely dubious to me, and a quick google found reputable articles confirming my suspicions. It's not done at all well in research, the FDA doesn't like it, and it can cause delightful problems such as gallstones. By the way, I'm 4'11, 135 lb and extremely sedentary, and I'm eating twice as many calories as you are. For someone of my height, that's a relatively conservative approach to calorie restriction. I've known a number of people try extreme dieting, and they tend to get one of the following results:

1) Weight loss followed by weight gain, typically more weight than they lost. My mother did this for her wedding, looked a bit slimmer on the day, and a lot heavier than before not long afterwards.

2) No appreciable weight loss but a severely messed up psyche and eating routine ("if I'm eating this little and not losing weight, I must be doing something wrong!"). This happened to me accidentally a few years back when I was too ill to cook, largely bedbound due to disability, and not at that time getting any help from social services. I ended up putting on weight despite not eating remotely enough, getting very ill indeed, and being told by my GP that it had messed up my metabolism.

3) Anorexia or bulumia. A friend's flatmate has been in and out of hospital for anorexia recently and we don't think she has long left to live. Another friend has had anorexia since childhood, he was hospitalised for it at the age of eight, and he is a very unwell chap.

I realise that you're very anxious to lose weight, but there are no quick fixes which really work long term, and there's a reason why diet forums are full of people aiming for 1-2lb per week chanting, "Slow and steady wins the race".

Best of luck, it sounds like a very frustrating situation.
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