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Default Checking the calorie calculations are correct

Hi everyone, I'm new. I decided to diet after being put on meds three weeks ago which have the pleasant side effect of reducing my appetite (so far at least), and I've been tracking what I eat with Fitday PC for the last week. I'm pretty short, and certainly way off the "2000 calories for women" average that gets quoted all the time. I'm probably short enough that the 500 calorie shortfall per day that is often recommended is too much for me too, so I just wanted to check that I've got the calculations about right. I've been entering custom foods into Fitday wherever needed, including if the stats they have don't match the ones on the box, and I'm entering in raw veg in order to avoid the ungodly amount of salt and fat it automatically adds, along with the actual amount of olive oil that I used.

I'm also being cautious because I'm disabled with severe ME/CFIDS, which not only bans exercise (the hallmark of the condition is that exertion makes it worse) but may also be messing with my metabolism, so it's entirely possible that this won't work at all. The plan is to give it a month after I first started eating less and then buy the scales if it seems to be going well. So far, judging by the fit of my clothes and how I look in the mirror, it does seem to be going well, huzzah!

In terms of diet, I've been vegan for many years and know how to cook nutritiously, combine proteins and so forth, and I'm making an especial effort to cook well at the moment. I'm eating the same size supper as before, but slightly smaller breakfasts and lunches, with small snacks only if I end up with calories to make up, and trying to stick to salad or soup for lunch. Actually, I might try to keep the balance with small snacks, I suspect it's doing better things for my blood sugar. I'm drinking plenty of water and some herbal tea, and I'm taking multivitamin supplements.

Gender: Female.
Age: 33
Height: 4'11
Weight: probably about 135lb
Activity level: makes most sedentary people look active!
Diet: smaller portions, sensible options

After customising the metabolism page with hours of sleep, hours spent pootling at the computer, hours spent lying down etc., it reckons I burn about 1470 calories a day. I've been eating about 1000 to 1100, and to my joy, haven't been hungry past the first few days. I think I'm in what they call the honeymoon period, I'm really rather enjoying this.

Firstly, do the calorie calculations sound good to you? If I try different calorie calculators on different sites, I get vastly different figures.

Secondly, I gather it's normal to feel chilly and get a certain level of menstrual cycle disruption. How long does this tend to continue for? Obviously I'm not getting cold due to losing fat, I've not been dieting long enough for that. I've started taking ginger supplements as it's an all-round useful herb, which will hopefully help with the circulation and digestion and so forth, and I may consider adding in evening primrose oil (on top of the 2g echium oil I already take) if my hormones misbehave for long.

By the way, I'm visually impaired, so I would hugely appreciate it if people could refrain from posting in different fonts, font sizes, italics, bold or what have you. No Squint is great for standardising colours, and Adblock for getting rid of smilies and sparkly signatures and such, but there's nothing I can do about the first lot.
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