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Originally Posted by mrsantiago View Post
First I am taking HCG along with the low calorie high protine diet. I work out daily but it changes from hot yoga, cardio at the gym and kettle bell at home in between. Not much cheating and when I do it's maybe 3oz of vodka a week and no mixers. Oh, my starting wieght was 204 and I am currently at 199 with a goal of 175.

I am suprised as well which is why I posted the question.

there is your problem. You are not following the HGC diet to the "T". You should not be cheating at all, and follow the HCG diet. IMO nobody should do HCG if they don't plan on following it to the "T". I would get off the drops or shot, which ever you are doing, until you are ready to commit to it 110%.
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