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Originally Posted by Laurea View Post
Thanks RunbikeSki! (I had forgotten I'd posted this.) I've been busy researching the South beach diet, or low carb., anyway. I've discovered that eating low carb isn't easy!
Since I work standing and walking all day, I don't feel much like exercising. Therefore, I don't.
I guess my body is trying to tell me something, eh? I better start.

It's so wonderful getting old. :P
I'm well past menopause and yes, I did get that roll above my navel! Hated it. But most of it is now gone since I lost 14 pounds. Laurea, it sounds like you and I are in the same weight range. I was 135 and am now as low as 120.5. (I just returned from a big wedding, so I'm ignoring what the scale is saying for a day or two.)

Since I'm vegetarian I guess I eat lots of carbs, but try to keep away from refined carbs--sugar, white anything. The one thing that has been great in the past is a detox diet I found. I do nothing radical. This one is simple--fruit, specific grains for breakfast; steamed vegs for lunch and dinner. Some supplements, lemon juice, olive oil and even real butter. If you need more, you're allowed a bit of protein (chicken, tofu, lentils). Totally doable! I stuck to it for a week, then modified it for another 2 weeks and lost 14 pounds.

Now I have to confess that I gain and lose that same 14#, but I have a theory about yo-yo dieting, too. For me, I feel it's OK because 90% of my time is eating healthy, the 10% is what gets me in trouble.

Good luck--menopause is not forever. It still amounts to energy in and energy out. So exercise is very important. Maybe you can find something fun like a dance class twice a week, tennis, etc.
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