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Default It's been so long I guess I'm a newbie again.

Hi folks... I used fitday way back in 2001 under a different username, and actually managed to lose a lot of weight through counting calories & exercising like a mad-woman. (went from over 180 to almost 140)

Unfortunately the exercising part caused a knee injury that 10 years later is still painful on a daily basis and prevents me from doing much activity at all let alone aerobics or anything like that. Well, as you might imagine, the weight has piled on and then some. At my Dr.'s appt. last week I weighed in at 210... which means if I want to be at anything approaching a healthy weight I've got at least 60 lbs to lose.

You know, if spending time in mental anguish over one's weight actually burned calories, I'd have lost it all by now, but as you all know it's not nearly that easy. I've come to terms with the fact that I eat too much for my limited activity level, so I've really got to solve the problem from the food angle, and so I've been tracking my calorie input and trying to focus on preparing my own foods vs. eating out.

It's not going especially well. I can't seem to keep my calories below 2,000. I just get too hungry. And on the weekends I don't keep track at all. But for now I think I'm going to keep plugging along at least recording my food intake during the week and trying to get a feel for - if I eat this combination of foods I'll be at roughly 2,000 and if I eat that combination of foods I'll be well over that amount and still be hungry.

So that's where I am. I'm hoping that this forum will help keep me motivated and help me get on track. Wish me luck!
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