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Default can relate

I know exactly how you feel. Maybe worse! About two years ago I was fit, running 10miles every other day. I was able to cycle almost 20miles on a good day. I moved to Texas from California and starting losing those great habits I had that made me feel so great and look good. I met my fiance who has three children, I am now a step mommy of three. Even though I work full time, I cook a meal every night for my family, Something I have never done. Before I knew it, it was a year later and I had gained 50lbs and couldnt full even ONE mile if my life depended on it. It will take time to lose the weight that took me a year to gain, but I finally woke up! I loved running. I loved myself when I was fit and healthy. I want me again. I know you can get motivated to be happy with yourself again! Good Luck!
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