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Lightbulb Suggestion for Fit Day Improvement

Good morning! I track my food on here every day and have two suggestions that I think would make the task a little easier overall. I think it would be great if the food log was a little more organized, i.e. maybe divide it into sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks (still all on the same log, just marked where one ends and another begins). I think it would be easier to review at the end of the day if you could clearly see what you ate for each meal. I often add foods that I plan to eat during the day and then change my mind and add new foods. So at the end of the day my meals are all mixed together. As for removing foods from my log, I think a check box removal system would be awesome, just like the one for adding foods, where you can check everything you want and then add them all at the same time. Sometimes when I have four or five foods to remove it's a pain to do it one at a time. Just a couple suggestions!! Thanks!
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