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Hi Laurea,
I am 53 and well into menopause. Yes, once the estrogen starts declining it does tend to change the way our bodies store fat and process calories. Fat tends to accumulate around the middle - and that ever so becoming "back fat", rather than on the hips and thighs.

And the metabolism slows down too. But for me it has been a gradual decline since my 30s. So yes, we need to eat fewer calories.

There really isn't a universal answer for you question about how much less to eat - we are all different. BUT that is the beauty of FitDay, in that you can really use it to analyze your current eating habits and start to look at where you can modify your habits to fit the needs of your current body. A little more protein, a little less fat? Maybe the sweet tooth needs to be brought under control (just guessing here...).

BTW, in my experience, my body has been a constantly changing thing. I have always had to keep my eye on what it was doing . So it wasn't quite like I woke up one day and said "What the heck???" But I have a couple of friend who had that experience.

As you might guess from my screen name I am pretty active. Aside from some sleep issues I haven't really had too many physical issues I could link directly to menopause. You don't say what your activity level is, but I have found that a mix of aerobic activity and weight training has really helped reduce the midsection fat accumulation without stripping away the other parts of my body. Although I do have some of the most ripped calves you'll ever see .
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