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Unhappy Weight gain/loss and Menopause

Hi all. I've searched and haven't been able to find anything on weight and menopause.

I'm 54 and my I've gone from 120 lbs to 135 lbs in the past year! The fat is mostly around my middle. (Abdomen/stomach, love handles and the oh-so-attractive rolls under bra strap on my back.)

I've heard that you must eat less and do more to lose weight and that makes sense. It also used to work. At my ripe old age with the estrogen levels decreasing rapidly - does any one know how much less should a person be eating and how much more should they be doing?

Also, if I do find a way to reduce, would the fat go just from my middle area or would it go from everywhere? I'm worried about fat being gone first from my face, which would make me more wrinkled I think.
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