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This may help you - I just posted this on another forum - it's easy to follow if you know your food groups. The basic food ratio to follow and the most common is:
50% Carbs
30% protein
20% fat

To make it even easier, follow the plate rule:

1 - Carbs should make up 2/3 of what's on your plate - veggies or salad w/brown rice or whole-grain pasta (no more than 3/4 C) or sweet potato - and the rest protein (dinner) and for lunch, large salad and salmon salad or chicken sandwich on whole-grain w/sliced tomato/avocado and real mayo (made with olive oil).
2 - Fat can come from your salad dressing and 1/2 avocado in salad, oil for stir frying veggies or a little (tsp) butter w/yogurt (2%) on sweet potato.
3 - Use a dinner plate for lunch and a salad plate for dinner with same ratio as discussed in #1.
4 - Another trick - split your biggest meal into two and eat each half 2 hrs apart to keep insulin stable which will help burn more fat and keep metabolism going.
5 - For snacks, eat a few walnuts or almonds w/one fruit.

Keep in mind that good fats will help you burn fat - I have 1/2 avocado every day in a sandwich (your liver cleanses itself w/good fats) and also satisfies you for longer. Natural peanut butter and real butter are natural foods w/vitamins - as long as you keep the serving small, it will not hinder fat loss.

Keep in mind too that no-fat products like yogurt have more additives so it's best to choose one like 2% b/c it hasn't been overly processed. The more natural the food, the more your body will work better to absorb vitamins and minerals and the better you will feel.

Also, when grocery shopping, shop around perimeter of store - not inside aisles where most processed foods are unless you're buying tomato sauce, beans/legumes, brown rice, whole-grain pasta and natural peanut butter.

I hope this helps & the best of luck to you.

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