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Heya westcoasting! Welcome to the site. I've been quiet on here lately due to random life stuff, but I'm back now!
Finally got the P90X (massive communication issues on both ends, seller was really nice, but grrrrrrr), light on cash this week, so I'll be getting everything (weights, heartrate monitor etc) this weekend after payday. Doesn't help that I'm kinda living in between homes right now, and I'll have to move out of where I currently am in May... got no where else lined up, but have a few options, so I might miss a day or two of P90X while I sort myself out, but plan to start next Monday.
Also going to <i>maybe</i> try to use the nutriation guide, but not sure at this stage.
I'll get the blog going before I start (with pics) and post the linky here for anyone that's interested.

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