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Originally Posted by abktaw View Post
i just want to find a site that i can track my daily meals to gain weight. this is very annoying trying to find a site to do this. it seems that its all about losing weight. why cant people realize it is just as hurtfull to be teased about being underweight as it is to be overweight. i dont know where to go to get the help i need. i have searched the internet for days, visiting alot of different sites...still no luck finding what im looking for. can anyone give me any suggestions?
I agree. I thought I'd be able to track my weight gain on here too. But nope. I'm really tired of being 106 pounds. Folks may think I'm just complaining (since i'm skinny and not overweight), but I think confidence lies within the way you feel about your body, too. And overweight people aren't the only ones with body image problems. Since I'm a stick, I'm not too confident. I too want curves! I was referred to this site by another weight gain site anyway. It suggested that I use Fitday to track my calorie intake, but I can't even put down my goal!!! It sucks. Hope they fix this.
But if all else fails, there's this other site I'm using that let's people record weight gain as well as weight loss too.

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