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Well hello and welcome aboard, this is a great place to come for motivation and encouragement. I am confused by your comment that you eat terribly, don't work out and take anti-depressants, but you think you should be happier? When I eat like crap and don't work out I feel like absolute poo too, and anti depressants only really keep you from feeling completely down in the dumps, they don't make you happy. In fact a good friend of mine was on them for years and years, and the whole time she would smile at funny things, but she never laughed until about 3 days after she stopped taking them. She's convinced that the meds kept her evened out, so she wasn't sad but they kept her from being happy as well. Although I don't advocate going off your meds without discussing it with your doctor first, and designing an exit plan.

Making changes for the better is hard, very hard. Just take it in baby steps, one little step at a time. One of the best things I've discovered is that a healthy mom = healthy kids. My kids went into the whole "healthy" thing with a bit of kicking and screaming, but they are totally on board now. In fact my oldest DD gave up "sweets" for Lent, and now that it's over she's decided to only eat 1 "sweet" per day and no more. Our middle child is tracking her exercise and trying to make sure she gets 1 1/2 hours of "fun like recess time" every day. And our youngest is totally funny, she'll ask for candy and before I can say "no", she'll say something like "oh wait, it's almost dinner time and we don't eat candy for dinner, nevermind mom".
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