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Red face Sticking my toe in the water

Hi there. Not sure if anyone will really read this but I figured I'd write something anyway, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf so to speak. I'm caught in a vicious cycle, I suffer from depression and I can't figure out if I'm depressed because I'm overweight or overweight because I'm depressed...? Any thoughts? Regardless, I know I need to do something different so I found FitDay in an online search and decided..why not? My goal is to drop twenty pounds by July (unrealistic?). I weigh 165 now. Most of my life I've been fit but since having kids...well, I'm sure you know how that is. My confessions (or perhaps my faults): I eat terribly, don't excersize and take anti-depressants. I should be a lot happier than I am on a day to day basis...I'm willing to make changes but lack encouragement. Any cheerleaders out there? I'll cheer for you if you cheer for me...Rah, rah, shisk, boom, ba! You can do it... Ok, I'm off to fire up the WII fit...go me!
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