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Wow, I could have written your post myself. I do the same thing and it just makes me so mad afterwards. I get bored at work, there's plenty of work to do, but sometimes it is boring. I try and keep myself "armed" at work by keeping 1 oz. baggies of nuts in my drawer (and of course, try not to eat four bags at a time ), yogurt or cottage cheese in the fridge, some cut up veggies and hummus, or some fresh fruit on my desk. That seems to help, so even if I eat some or all of those things on "boring" days, they are all pretty good and not a lot of calories, fat, sodium, etc.

Then I make it through the day and deal with the same thing at home. I ask my husband to put snacks away, out of sight. If I don't see them, I'm ok, but once I see them, they bother me and call me till I give in. LOL So, I have turned back to some hobbies in the evening like knitting or quilting and even some larger cleaning projects (like the basement, my closet, etc.) to keep myself busy.
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