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Default Happy Easter and it's day #1 HI!

a big hello. I am 40, female and starting my journey today. 244lbs. I have always been overwieght since i was 6 or 7. I hadn;t been under 200 lbs since i was 17. I was active but always overwieght and raised in a meat and potatoes type family. Have worked in the horse industry for many years. I never really let my wieght stop me from much.
Today I have been more sedentary,emotional and not quite liking myself. been like this for about 5 years. Seems like my emotional health spiraled down through the years. I was diagnosed diabetic in 97. high blood pressure, bad cholesterol. Am on insuline now.

i think I am not as concerened starting this journey with the losing of wieght as i am in being healthy, finding myself again, and making good changes to move away from the bad self image, being more social and being able to love myself again.

i hope possibly make friends here. Find understanding, share goals, share emotions, thoughts and ideas. even someone to kick my butt or motivate. you know keep me grounded. and hope to be able to help anyine in that same way. Never easy being alone especially starting something that can seem so daunting and overwhelming. ya know

well once again hello and Happy Easter.
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