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Well, I tried to control myself today. 2pm my husband came with chinesse order in. Can't control any more, Have 1 cup of fried rice and a bunch of stir fry pork and vegi. And now I have 488 calories defecit, Not too bad but my husband ordered pizza.
Pizza is at the dinning table. Will I have my willpower or I won't. That is a tough challenge.

Be strong. Be strong. Be strong
I am going to run frist thing in the morning.
While I ran this morning I just found out that I always set my goal and never reach it. I have yo-yo diet for many years.
Last Summer I set my goal to run ten miles. I trained consistantly, and run up to 9 miles. The week I support to run 10 miles. We have to go on vacation, then holiday came. I lost my momentum and I let my goal slipped away.
In Jan/2011 I set my goal to be 125 in my birthday (which is in March). I did not reach that goal. On my birthday I weight 128. Instead of wait to reach the goal I had set. Right away I set another goal to be 115 by Jun 3rd.
What is this mean spychologically? Will this affect my life in a long term?
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