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Default Ahoy, and I'm back again

Though I should have never went any where from the start. Its been quit a few months since I've been here on the site. But I am going at it again. Needless to say there has not been any progress of late just failure and setbacks. My doc says because of my extensive health issues I will be no doubt make a candidate for bariatric surgery but I got to put in some more effort. I didnt want to have to go that route at all but I know it may save my life so I gave in and talked to a doc that performs those surgeries. With bad lung issues it will be a risk just getting put under. But I will cross that bridge when I get to it for now I need to make a stronger effort and I really got to work hard. I know it wont be easy because my exercise ability is severly limited and I will have to depend mainly on my control of appetite and my diet to try and drop some more weight. So here I go again, good day to all.
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