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As much as I excited with 127 this morning, I throw my day out of the window. I did not so bad after my dinner, however, my husband came home late and I make him his own dinner (garlicky shrimps with garlic bread). Then I have dinner all over again. That make my calories +100.
I am quite full now, between 9-10. Will I do my last 30 minutes work out to make it -100cals instead, or should I let it go and make up tomorrow. It's 9:48pm already. Should I ? should I not? I let you know tomorrow.

There is one problem. Sunday: Indian buffet with friends, and Easter dinner at mother in law. What should I do? Two big meals in one day, too much. I think I will skip buffet and just go for Easter dinner. If i want to lose these stubborn pounds I need to be strong and sacrified some part. I know it's all about will power, but I don't have that yet.
I love that skinny girl inside of me so much that I have say no to some fun thing sometime.
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