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Thanks Cassie,
It's all about learn and don't give up.

Calories in: 1,416
Calories out: 2,144
Defecit: 728
I am on track, that all I want to say.
I did my stratergy as I said yesterday (eat small lunch and dinner with some fruit) That will leave me cals budget for my 3pm snack (carb, vegi, protein as a lunch) Sound weird! Hey, It works.
I felt very satified, happy and I don't feel like I am a diet.
Today i have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Candy every where. But I don't feel like I want any. After dinner, I feel like I want some ice cream, so I have 1/8C of it. Still in my calories count.

I ran 4 miles today. It was hard for some reason. But I pull it through. I am very happy about that. May be the heat, 86 degree here today.

Thanks all (everone) who read my journal. To know that someone read, it helps me to stay on track and hold myself accountable.
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