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I feel a lil like i am reporting to AA. Hi my name is Susan and I am obese. I guess not by the definition of morbidly so but bad enough that my BMI is well into the obese category. In September of 2008 I made it to 149 lbs. I then proceeded to pack on 86 pounds over the next year and a few months to end up here. The biggest I have ever been. I feel awful. i am tired all the time. I threw away all my fat clothes only to have to buy new ones. I am angry at myself for letting this happen after all my hard work. I am ashamed to go back to my old forum and admit I blew it. I am not even sure if I have it in me to do this again. It's so much easier to just eat what I want when I want. I have spent half of my work day on Kaisers website filling out all their crap and profiles and stuff and am semi motivated. So I am back at fitday, a tool i have found to be extremely effective in my battle of the bulge in past attempts. I decided to check out the forum, and ask for help, support, and accountability. Anyway, that's my story and I am sticking to it.
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