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Default Another newbie in the house many here I am just getting started.

My story.... is that I am in early 40's and had been lean my entire life. Even after babies, was able to lose and maintain. I had always eaten lowfat / low cal and this always worked formme. But in the last few years my body has changed and I have felt awful. Lethargic, slow, no energy and oh yeah some extra lbs. I wanna ditch. The "killer" was some pictures I saw recently after which I vowed to figure out what was happening to me and my body.

So I read and read and read...and landed here about a week ago.

Wow am I encouraged by the community and think I am figuring some things out.....namely carbs. I never watched or cared about them before but I have a feeling, that's where my focus needs to be.

So healthy low carb staples anyone? I am afraid of getting bored with my choices and reverting back to my old ways....
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