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Thank you...those replies are both filled with lots of good advice. I will have to look into the whole basal metabolic rate and caloric intake. I honestly don't know what my calories used to be. ALOT im certain as I would just snack and pick all day as well as eat three meals. I drank lots of pop and sweatened iced tea. I have totally cut out all the bad foods and drinks. And I am drinking lots of water, which isn't easy for me because I hate water, but I actually hate all the flavored vitamin waters more. So i'm just sticking with ice water. I was a late night snacker also as my kids and husband go to bed im bored and I will snack...big mistake I know. So I'm trying to cut that out...but that for me is the hardest part so far. I started today with a yogurt in the moring....1/2 turkey burger with cottage cheese for lunch...and going to have a salad for dinner. I will have to count those calories and see how much they are and do the metabolic rate thing like you said. If I post all that on here will you guys help me to decide if I'm doing the right things. Also, I know I am pretty strong. We live on a farm and I am pretty tough so I know I have muscles under that fat, but hopefully exercise and weight training will help to burn the fat and keep me toned. Do you agree with that? Thanks so much for the help. And you are right...I don't necessarily want to be a certain number and don't want to be skinny skinny like a used to be. But I want to be healthy and trim. and if 120 is that number then so be it...
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