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Default Just started this weekend

I stepped on the scale and looked in the mirror this weekend and couldn't believe my eyes. I was always tiny. Small build and skinny...but slowly things started catching up with me. My husband would NEVER say it..but wow...I look terrible and feel terrible. I started at 137 this weekend. May not seem like a huge number but I am 5'2" with a small frame. So every pound shows. I have a goal of 115 by July 1st. Which is 1.78 lbs a week. I just need motivation. I have never worried about diet so I really dont know what to do. I am down to 133 today, but am worried that I am not losing correctly because I am just eating very little, but starting to run/walk and do some weight lifting. I had gotten some Jillian Michaels pills a few months ago, but used them once and they made me feel sick. So I started taking them over the weekend...but on a smaller dose then what they say. I think it seems like enough to make me not feel so hungry. Anybody have any suggestions for me. The BMI says I am within normal weight range, but says I am five lbs from being over-weight. Well I don't feel within normal range and don't look it for sure. I am just looking for maybe a little advice here. Not only do I want to lose 18 more lbs, but I want to be fit at 115, not just thinner!
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