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Yes!!!! I did it today. I eat very clean and work out 1hour 20 minutes. I did it. I did it...
I just have to keep it up for a few days more to make up on Monday and Sunday.

I just discover that I need something salty, meaty (as a lunch) in order to sastified at my 3pm snack. I have been try to be healthy and eat an apple or so. It doesn't sastified me then I would munch more and more. That how I am struggle with my calories budget.
Today, I said,"what the heck, I am going to eat what I want". My 3pm snack look like this:
1/2 C of rice, 50g of pork loin, 1/2 spinach
Sounds a lot for snack, but it works today. I didn't over eat at dinner.
My solution: I will make my lunch and diner a bit smaller and add some fruit with it. That way I can have my salty snack. And also get the fruit in my diet.
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