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Originally Posted by wydok View Post
250lbs at 5'10" is very overweight. That calculates out to a BMI if 35.9, which is clinically considered obese. However, football players (mostly linebackers) can be this weight and be very healthy because most of it is muscle. Although they are also a couple inches taller.

Your doctor can order up bloodwork to check cholesterol, liver function, etc. to measure your overall health and check for risk factors or heart disease. And I would assume he or she would also have told you if you blood pressure was too high.

The best way to determine how much of your weight is actual fat is to get your body fat percentage measured. You can sort of do this at home, but it's you'd get a more accurate number of you ask your doctor about it.

Body fat percentage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nope cholesterol, blood pressure and blood work cameback perfect and thats part of the reason why he was so surprised, yet even though everything cameback fine he still told me to get down to around 180.

Thing that bothers me is everything cameback fine and yet he still wants me to cut my weight down to far as I'm concerned if my blood work came back fine as did my pressure and cholesterol and I'm still really active why should I care about what the scale says?

At this point I'm going to base my weight on the following factors: how I feel, look, and what numbers my medical tests say. Right now since everything is fine I will continue with my goal of getting down to around 210 and this doctor can kick rocks

Thanks for the link, I will check that out.

muscleman787: that is pretty much my plan, but still kind of confused on how to turn the fat into muscle sorta speak

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