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OMG, what a day I had! So bored and stressfull. We will go to Vietnam this Summer. So today I suppose to make hotel reservation. We want to stay cheap and luxury too. So it's hard to find a place like that. I spend hours on the internet to find the place, but still undecided now. The kids just got on my nerve. I felt bad to react the way I did (yell, time out. ...) But I can't control myself. I end up put them all to bed without book, or brush teeth.
For that many reason, my calories day is out of order. The first half of the day went Ok. Around 3 pm I ate and ate and ate. Top it of with dinner, I found a slice of meat lover pizza (maybe a week ago), I felt wastfull to throw out so I ate it. 1 pound of clam, and some other thing. My total calories in over 2,500. That left me 647 cals over. OMG, I feel stuff right now. I don't like this feeling.
Tomorrow is another day. Will get back on.
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