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Default TIPs that I like to use and Seems to help me

I try to eat bascially the same for Breakfast and lunch. Like Yogart and banana for breakfast. Or egg beater and multi bran WW bread.
For lunch I try to have either soup, one serving with added vegetables, or a salad. Salad made with all kinds of veggies,(not lettuce) with slices of turkey, and I use a tablespoon of cottage cheese and mix it all together. This salad is quite filling. Veggies like, carrot, cukes, apples, zucchini, pickles, tomotoes,onions peppers seem to fill you up better than lettuce. I use lots of veggies, with frozen entres for dinner. 100 calorie popcorn and 100 calorie Ice cream pops for snack in the evening. I need my treat. Plenty of water. I can not use sugar subsitutes, (alergies) so I try not to use sugar. Good luck to all, pls let me know any tips that you may use. I love to eat, and I need my rewards, so if you have any tricks. I will try them.
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