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I believe the butter is what's stalling me.

I do have olive oil and will use that to help cut down on the saturated fat. I eat almonds but only limit them to 12 because of the high calorie content. I put them in my salad greens. I have 2 cups of salad every day with about 10 or less almonds, add some apple pieces but have been looking for a good salad dressing, not too high in sat fats. I guess I could sprinkle some vinegar on my salads. Sometimes I cut up my baked or roasted chicken to put in my salads, other times I eat the breast seperate with brocoli, a pear or cauliflower. I love green beans too and have been told if I don't buy them fresh and get them from a can to wash them and drain them to avoid some of the salt/intake.

I don't think I have ever eaten greek yogurt, will look for that at the store too.

I just ate a hard boiled egg and have had some scrambled eggs/omelets with brocoli and other vegs mixed in it but I use butter in the pan instead of Olive Oil.

I'm glad your 50/20/30 is working Cassie
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