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Default Still losing Hallelujah!

So far it's 11 pounds off since starting alli. No side effects. One day I knew I was going over my fat grams and simply didn't take the pill. It's easy to control.

I was on low fat anyway, so I think this works for me. I'd like to take personal credit for my own weightloss and not hand it over to a diet pill that I'm using short term. alli may have helped me get over the hump, and maybe it's just a mental thing with me. But I am the one making the right food choices and walking my life away with my boxer in my neighborhood and on the treadmill at the gym.

I'm enjoying fitting into chairs with armrests. I am shocked by my shadow on the sidewalk because my behind isn't sticking out. I see a slimmer face and baggy pants that are falling down.

Rather than moan the process, I'm trying to enjoy the journey. I'm not perfect in this, but I'm considerably better and am still losing.

The funny thing is, when I weighed 468 pounds I was so addicted to food that I was afraid to be without it. Now, I have difficulty finishing my measured meals. Who is this woman?

Take care all.
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