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Unhappy Sodium Sensitivity & Water Retention

I'm relatively new to Fitday, and I'm grateful for the fact that it helps me track nutrients in addition to fun stuff like calories. Now the sodium...::sigh::

One of the things I've realized is just how sensitive my body is to high sodium. I had no idea! Even on days when my calorie balance/deficit is superb, if my sodium is high, seems like I retain more water than the darned Hoover Dam! (And btw, this is true regardless of the "time of the month" it is.) I can wake up the following morning, pee, etc. and when I weigh myself...boom, 2 additional pounds. Once my sodium is back down below the recommended 1500mg for a couple days, then it goes back to normal.

Anyone else find that they're this sodium sensitive? Although it's easy to keep my calories, proteins, & fats in check, sodium is a big struggle for me to watch. Maybe it's because, as an American, I'm so used to prepared foods and frozen meals (even skinny chic names like frozen "Smart Ones" or fat free hot dogs) that pack in sodium that I don't realize the significance. Anyone else have this problem? How do you cut sodium without sacrificing taste?
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