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Default Oh yay I'm so new...

Hello everyone!

Not new to tracking my calorie intake or exercise…. Been trying to use an online now more often than just a journal, been using Livestrong on and off for the last few weeks but I don’t really like it… I like how FitDay uses graphs and charts…. Sure do love me some graphs and charts….Especially because I'm a pescaterian (the only meat I eat is fish), it is important for me to know what I am eating and how much of it.

I guess my current source of confusion is wondering how do you know how much fat/carbs/protein/sugars to eat? I know how many calories I should have, but the rest seems so confusing to figure out….

My goal is to build some muscle and lose some fat. I've been running 20-40 minutes 2-3 during the work week then at least an hour on Sundays but those long runs are more like run/walk/hike/explore type adventures.
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