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About 10 years ago I bought an ugly el cheapo and I hated the way it looked so I would always put it away after using it. Plus, if I moved the plate or bowl around it would give me different measurements so I had to make sure that the food was centered right on top of the scale. Bah! I hated measuring my food--it was so much trouble. When I started keeping track of my food again I just couldn't find the ugly old thing. I think its still hiding somewhere in the back of a cabinet...

So I sprung for a pretty, sleek & modern digital scale that I don't mind keeping on the kitchen counter. It's my favorite tool. It keeps me on track, is teaching me to recognize portion sizes and because it's so pretty I enjoy using it everyday. I hate feeling deprived (and usually do when dieting) so I made the scale a gift to myself, an investment in myself.

All of the nicer digital scales I saw came with a large and stable measuring surface so you can set a large dinner plate on it without having to hold it and it doesn't matter where on the plate you put the food the measurement is the same. I just set a plate on it before I turn it on and it automatically sets to zero-- I plate an item-get the measurement-press a button and the scale goes back to 0-serve the next item onto the plate-get the measurement-- push a button to zero it out again, etc. It takes 30 seconds to accurately weigh out an entire meal if I already know what my portion sizes are suppose to be. Fast and easy.
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