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Originally Posted by Destinyschoice76 View Post
We have a great group going in the other thread about feeling sexy again. So I thought I would start an "official" thread. Now we have our own group

All ladies are welcome, especially if you feel how we have talked about in the other thread. We want to feel confident, sexy and beautiful again. Our weight loss goal is a big part of this, but also we are talking about keeping ourselves healthy and re-focusing on what we need/want as women. We get so caught up in being moms, wives, employees, etc. Now we can remind each other to lose weight and be healthy for US. We deserve it and will feel better, and be a better person to all our loved ones.

Let's bring our sexy back!
Hey who woulda thought that Destiny would bring all us sexy girls together? ha-ha! Get Destiny as in fate and Destiny as a person....well I kinda thought it was funny If you haven't guessed I'm a bit of a goof ball! Well one thing that wasn't funny- more like pathetic was my workout today at the gym.....I'm soooo out of shape. But I've decided that exercising is the new IN thing to do if you want to be SEXY so I'll be back at the gym tomorrow All the best to us Sexy girls hang in there
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