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Originally Posted by rmdaly View Post
My husband loves sweets especially chocolate and rarely gives up desert. I think he eats at least one candy bar a day. His favorite breakfast is donuts or chocolate croissant with hot chocolate (whole-fat milk) and whipped cream. He would love to get big candy bars as gifts.

I eat much differently than him and I am always watching what I am eating. One day he went to a bookstore and decided to buy me something and bought me a large box of chocolates. I didn't want to have it in the house because it was something I liked and I knew I would finish it. I didn't want to throw it away because it would seem rude, unappreciative and wasteful. I tried to eat only a few, but ate the whole box and then hated myself. I have told him that I don't want him to give me chocolates. Easter is going to be challenging again. He has already bought himself and our son a solid chocolate rabbit.

His father's birthday was last month and eventhough he is borderline diabetic, my husband bought him a bunch of candy.

We just got back from a trip and he wanted to buy the people who watched our dog a big box of chocolates. I reminded him that the woman was pregnant and might not be eating chocolate. I also tried to tell him that not all people appreciated getting chocolate. He just rolls his eyes at me and implies that because I am always "dieting", I am the strange one.

I would like to know what others think about getting and giving sweets as gifts and what you do about it.

My husband always buy me chocolate for all occasions (birthday, anniversary, Christmas...). And he ate most of it. LOL. He likes chocolate that's why he bought it.
Maybe you should bring it out and offer him some. He might like that.
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