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Smile Log on each time and Stay on track regularly!

[QUOTE=elderwanda;12664]I like to bring Fit Day up in a browser and just keep it available to enter my food and exercise. If I enter my breakfast, by the time I come back to enter a mid-morning snack, it makes me log in again. Isn't there some option to keep logged on all day?

Thanks [/QUOTE None that I know of - you have to log in each time. I try to plan most of what I'm going to eat the next day at night. That way I enter all the food and activities I will plan to be doing in less than 15 minutes or so. Since I have a routine life and need to take food and water every 2-3 hours - it is pretty easy. Most important thing is to log in. I sometimes slip and then I tend to either stay the same weight or gain! Have to be honest with myself.
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