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Default Vitamin question

I'm a long time Fitday user. I bought the PC version a couple of years ago, and since I just got myself a new computer, I was thinking of upgrading to version 2.

However, more than once both my girlfriend (another looong time user) and I have tried to contact the site with a question about Fitday's nutritional information, specifically how it tracks vitamins. The numbers have NEVER added up correctly, and I thought maybe, now that Fitday has a forum, I can once again try to get an answer.

Running a very basic test, I create a custom food - a "Test Vitamin." This food has no other nutritional information except vitamins, all of which contain an even 100% RDA. It looks something like this....

I then go to my daily food log, and without entering any other food, I enter my "Test Vitamin" into the log. Now, when I go straight to my RDA graph, I should expect that with the "Test Vitamin" being the only nutritional information entered, that the graph SHOULD read a straight 100% RDA across the board for all the vitamins. This, as can be seen, is nowhere near the case.

The numbers are all over the board. Anyone interested in tracking their vitamins (that would be my grilfriend and I for two), is apparently is not getting the correct information.

Can the Fitday mods please explain these test results? Thank you in advance.
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