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Originally Posted by desertmountain View Post
Thanks so much! Right back at you.
Yep, it's rough alright. I've been wanting to try Lyrica but I keep hearing about the weight gain it causes. Have you tried it or do you know anyone who has? I read that for some ppl it completely takes away all of the fatigue and pain but haven't met anyone who has had that kind of success with it. What a dream come true, but, dang it, I really struggle to lose each and every pound and just don't know about that kind of trade-off.
I tend to do things alternative/natural except for a small dose of Tramadol 20 minutes before I workout. It's a mild pain killer, stronger than aspirin, but doesn't make me feel spacey or high at all. It just takes the edge off for an hour or so. What kind of things do you do to overcome or cope with the pain from exercise? If you don't mind me asking. Again, I'm so impressed with your workouts!

Hey! I tried Lyrica and did not find it helped at all. I take a mild muscle relaxant, and pain medication, and Advil. Try to get as much rest as possible. I really enjoy being in the water so I think that is why I do the water aerobics. That and the no impact is good for the body. I hope that you can find something that you can do. I went on a bike ride the other day and my body did NOT enjoy that AT. ALL!
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