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Wink Carb up day (or 2) is here, with intrepidation!

Should I start with my weight: 79kg dead. Exciting! Ok so here it is. Carb up days or weekend. I would/should start carbing up later today but it is day 12 and I'm out for a meal next Friday with friends so I'm carbing up early early friday until saturday afternoon instead of late friday and all day saturday.

So it is anly 13.40 UK time and I've had the same amont of calories I would normally have in a whole day on my low carb weekdays. What I've really found quite shocking is how easy it is to rack up calories when eating carbs on a daily basis. That would be normal eating for most people, no wonder we're all getting bigger.

So I have my macro-nutrients ratio right for the Anabolic Diet. 55-60% Carbs 25-30% fats 5010% protein.

A my caolories are supposedly unlimited (within reason) while carbing up I am going to stick to around my normal calorie intake for a normal day would be based on my current weight. I do not want to lay down fat in the window by stuffing myself silly just because I can. It kind of defeats the object and in my mind starts a game of snakes and ladders.

So, lets see how it goes... I'll let you know.

I hope you're all doing well.
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