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Lightbulb I'm back, Keep an eye on me

I will make this thread as my journal. You are welcome to read it and support me. If not, I just use it to hold me accountable.

A little bit about myself:
Female, 34 and really want to reach my goal this year so I can wear bikini. I used to weight 114 when I was 19. My weight started creeping up when I bought a motoscooter (instead of riding bike to work, and school) in my 20. I did notice that my clothes got tieder but I ignored it. Nine months before I got married, I was panic and really wanted to lose weight. But I couldn't, I was 65kg (143.3pounds). That point I realized that losing weight is a journey that take will power, consistence, and hard work. After moved to the US, I decided not to let myself to gain any more weight, I was success. (which I wen on a diet every sping and my diet end when the fall comes). I have read many diet books and tried all kind of diet. This went on for 8 years or so. Along the way I have 2 kids. But began summer 2010, I wanted to put an end to this yoyo cycle. I changed one thing at the time. I began to run and not worried about my diet. I ran 3 times a week, and 2 DVD work out. At the end of the summer I can run 9 mile on my long run. Since my phisical was better, I went on a diet. I am doing well until I stuck at 128. I began to question, whether I can lose any more weight? Can I be at 114 ever again? I took a week off my diet and rethink my goal.
Now I am back, I think I can do it. I just have to do it a bit differently. I will come here and write it as a journal. I will put it all out, the good, the bad and the ugly.
My weakest days of the week is weekend. When we are always out and about, we eat out. My husband doesn't help b/c he order all the things I am not suppose to eat. Or even week day, he order pizza and i can help it to have a slice or 2 even if I already have dinner. I guess I don't have a strong willpower.
But I'm back and do it again. I think about my bikini everyday I just need to lose about 8 pounds more (115 is very nice, if not 120 will do). I have 7 weeks to lose 8 pounds before my trip to Vienam. I keep telling myself. I really want this, want bikini, want to be able to feel roomy in my clothes.
I want it. I want it. I want it.And I will get it.
Thank you for reading,
I will begin tomorrow. Report everything.
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