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I agree that if you like something, you should stick with it. The calorie levels in your diet seem to be working because you have lost weight. You're pretty accurate in keeping your portion size reasonable. Don't make the 'frosting' a demon; in fact, as long as you are aware of calories, don't make any food a demon! You'll have a much better chance of staying satisfied with your diet, long-term.

One suggestion: You can make a pretty pared-down version of a breakfast sandwich (the kind that are offered at fast-food restaurants) and keep a supply in the freezer. When you're considering breakfast, you can pop a sandwich in the microwave for something like a minute and a half (play with that time and power level) and have a hot, filling breakfast in a very short time.

Have that some days and the cereal other days. Eat what you feel like having. Know the calorie count of the sandwich you make (easy to figure out) and the count of the cereal and milk. What is the choice that feels right? How's the scale reacting? What does it do to your calorie totals for the day? How does it affect your appetite for lunch?

(Quick summary of the breakfast sandwich: your choice of English muffin-type bread. Fry an egg and blot it dry on a paper towel. Cook some bacon. You only need one strip (break it in two to make it fit on top of the egg). Top with a slice of non-fat American Cheese. Assemble the sandwich. Wrap in wax paper. Wrap again in aluminum foil. Freeze. When you want breakfast, take out the sandwich, remove the foil and heat in the microwave with the wax paper. Eat hot. Enjoy!)
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