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In terms of your situation - if your husband loves dessert that much, I agree it's possible he just thinks you're missing out; that food is love, and sweet food especially sweet love. It sounds like he doesn't fully understand or appreciate the principles of healthy eating. Also, that it might just be easier for him to have a standby gift. Maybe he's a little thoughtless, but - I know this is a huge generalization - I've met only a few men who are careful in that way, and really, most of them are gay.

(I was recently horrified by my very own brother, who offered to share a plate with an acquaintance and then ate over her half, which like his, was directly under his mouth. Garh, I don't know, honestly, I've been struggling with the whole man issue a lot lately ... I recently ended a long-term, bad relationship, and my best friend is having marital problems. The two men in question make it very easy to slip into misandry. I do think that if you've got to live with one, it's better to accept his limitations than to drive yourself crazy with frustration. To stop expecting him to think like you, and just do what needs doing for yourself. In this case, I guess that could mean putting them in the trunk of your car until you can bring them to work to pawn off on your colleagues, where you'll look greedy if you have more than a few.)

As for whether I give people chocolates - yes, on occasion, if I know the person likes them or isn't diabetic. I tend to get the smaller boxes of posh dark chocolates (well, posh for me), which are much harder to binge on than milk choc.
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