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Ha, I'm also in New Zealand and have to adjust the time and date. I just adjusted my time date settings for the Forum, but when I logged out and logged back in again, it doesn't change my date. I have the iPhone App, which is great, but it reads the date off my phone so it's always accurate.

Otherwise fantastic site that provides a tonne of value for free. Thank you so much to the mods and people who make this happen. I've lost a lot of weight round my mid section thanks to this intuitive interface.

The time date, is my only problem with the site.

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I am using Firefox 3.6.12 behind a corporate firewall and I stay logged in fine so the basic functionality is there.

Lack of time zone setting on the main site is the killer for me. I live in New Zealand where we are +12 or +13 GMT... so everything on foods/activities etc is usually a day out.

Other than that I love the look and feel of the site, nice and clean design. Good feature set too.

UPDATE - scratch that, I must have had a session of Firefox still open in the background when I tested that out. It does indeed clear the cookie (cookie is set to session type not persistent type?) forcing you to log back in.

I also tried clicking on the correct day on the calender, filled stuff in and then it was back on the wrong day again once I logged back in. It looks like I can just select the day from the calendar each time though so that is a work around.
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