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Originally Posted by labamba813 View Post
I have been a vegetarian for 3 years now and I have just kinda stayed the same so I am trying to lose that last 10 pounds. However, in order to get a lot of protein I have to eat eggs (I have one whole egg and 2 whites in the am) and nuts and soy protein. Because of this, my pie chart shows fat as being the biggest percentage of my days. Its all unsaturated fat so it should be fine, right? Also, Healthy cholesterol/BP levels and I'm 24 and active (when I am not sitting at my desk at work). Please HELP!
Everyone is different but if you are getting the minimum protein and carbs your body needs I wouldn't worry unless you are unable to lose any weight.

I have been a vegetarian pretty much my whole life. I live a low carb lifestyle, get plenty of protein, eat higher fat while keeping my cals below 1200 a day.

I am allergic to nuts and to iodine so I only eat liquid egg whites which are very high in protein but fat free. I actually needed more fat since I eat low carb so I would add olive oil to everything!

What are your macro's?
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