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Originally Posted by BridgetNicoleM View Post
2 years ago I went on this diet that I am on again. I counted calories and didnt go over 1200 a day. I lost 100 pounds in 1 year!! I have started counting calories again and not going over 1200 per day, I have noticed that my clothes are fitting bigger but have not weighed myself yet as it is not time. I want to give myself about 2 weeks before weighing in again. I like to see bigger numbers lossed than I do smaller. Good luck to you all in your weight loss journey. You can do anything that you put your mind to
Woooot! I'm in a similar boat - I'm still a looong way off, but there's a great deal of room in my jeans, even accounting for the stretch factor. I wear 58/38's and they normally take a week to become comfortable, but I'm down to about 3 days after washing them where they are loose again.

The biggest sign that something is going the right way for me is that my fiance can reach all the way around me now when she hugs me. Tickles both of us pink.

It helps that I know a guy who was in a similar boat as I was, and now... he's... incredible. I know that if I hit any real road blocks, I can rely on him.
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